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Lusalgae is a biotechnology company that uses and operates with seaweed and other marine organisms of the Portuguese Atlantic coast having the multiple industry fields (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, etc.) as targets. Originated from extensive scientific research work, and with the collaboration of a range of partners which includes the University of Coimbra and the MARE (UC) centre, the activities of this company focus on producing innovative technology and products in an eco-sustainable way.

  • Research and development of new technologies and products;
  • Distribution and sale of dry seaweed and their extracts to different industry fields (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, etc.);
  • Consulting services in biology and biotechnology;
  • Scientific Education.
  • Sustainable monitoring and management of seaweed resources



Lusalgae is a new marine biotechnology company established in Figueira da Foz that uses marine elements in an eco-sustainable way. Founded in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs with MSc in biology and in love with phycology, Lusalgae takes advantage of the unique ecosystem of the river Mondego in order to produce high quality seaweed extracts.


At this moment Lusalgae created and developed the brand Sealgae®. + info


Develop sustainable algal biotechnology in an environment of innovation and bioremediation.


Being recognised as a pioneer organization in the Portuguese biotechnology sector.

Exploration and processing of marine organism with special focus on seaweed.



Guided by ethic and transparency, we want to develop innovative and eco-sustainable processes focused on the recovery of the environment.



Tiago Santos Morais

CEO and co-founder


With a Degree and MSc in Biology from the University of Coimbra, he presented a thesis about the influence of narcotics in the nervous system and soon became interested in the potential of various themes related to biotechnology.

In early stage worked in scientific consulting and participated in the entrepreneur course Beta-Start.

It was the research work experience from the University of Coimbra together with his entrepreneur spirit that created Lusalgae

João Filipe Pires Cotas



With a Degree and MSc in biology from the University of Coimbra, he developed a thesis on algal biotechnology applied to pharmaceutical research.

He looks at the marine biotechnology as a world of great potential, and how seaweed could be beneficial to improve several subjects related to society, health and in industrial and technology development.


  • Processing and biorefining of seaweed and other marine organism;
  • IMTA – seaweed farming in shore allowing eco-sustainable growth of fish and other marine organisms in order to obtain seaweed biomass;


  • VALE INCUBAÇÃO - Inovar em Biotecnologia Marinha. +Info


  • 2014 – Winners of “Concurso de Ideias de Negócio para a Economia do Mar” – Contest of Business Ideas for the Marine Economy;
  • 2015 –“Bolsa de Ignição INOV C” – Ignition Grant INOV C;
  • 2015 – Semi-finalist of the Entrepreneurship Contest 5th Edition “Acredita Portugal”;
  • 2017 – Finalist of the Acceleration Program IC16 SPIN+;
  • 2018 – Finalist of the Investment Contest Splash! by Mermaid.

Incubadora de Empresas da Figueira da Foz

Rua das Acácias, Lote 40A

3090-380 Figueira da Foz

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